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Free eBay SMS alerts to your mobile phone

Have you ever lost an eBay auction because you forgot to bid in the last few hours or minutes like you had planned? eBay offers a paid service, but why pay 25 cents for alerts when you can use our service for free?

eAuctionAlerts is simple to use and no registration is required. Simply fill out the form below and we'll send you a free reminder to bid on your item before it ends. Stop losing auctions and stop paying for auction alerts at the same time with!

This service has been upgraded to a more powerful system.
Go to to create your ebay alerts.




Worried about your privacy? No need to here. We don't sell or share any phone numbers entered into our site. We also don't send any unwanted messages. We hate spam too. For complete details you can read our privacy policy.

eAuctionAlerts can be used on,, and most other international eBay sites. Be sure to enter your 10 digit telephone number like this: 2125551212. No 1 in front. If you run into any problems when using our site, feel free to contact us. is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by eBay. Use of this service is subject to our terms of service.